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Work With Me

I love to help clients who are tired of juggling busy lives begin to craft lives of their dreams that allow them the time and energy to enjoy natural food, a slower pace, and a more meaningful lifestyle that they can savor.

Learn how to craft a lifestyle you value…

  • Revive your spirit,  deepen your connection to nature, find ways to be outside more.
  • Nourish your body with healing foods and proper care and feel amazing.
  • Create space and time for creative hobbies that get you in “the zone” where you feel your zen energy thrive.
  • Turn a distracted mind into a disciplined mind so you can make changes stick as you follow through with your goal to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Have more energy and surround yourself with positivity to avoid being drained day after day.



  • Stay consistent with healthy eating and be fully supported in your experience
  • Get new recipes and meal ideas made with foods you already enjoy eating
  • Have the right systems and tools in place to have meals and menus prepared ahead of time
  • Optimize your diet to have the energy to do the things you need to get done, see your weight come off, cut (or avoid) medications, and finally feel fantastic.

If eating healthy brings up dreary thoughts of boring grilled chicken salads and a life without tasty treats, we need to talk. I can help cut through the overwhelm and help you get organized to make simple, but exciting changes that will give you the results you’re seeking. Get started with a Nutrition Breakthrough Session.



  • Fall in love with your life as you create the life of your dreams as you make time for what really matters
  • Ditch the status quo: forty-plus hour workweeks, long commutes, lack of sunshine, and working to pay the bills while your health and your spirit pay the consequences.
  • Discover a more meaningful way to live your one precious life.
  • Reconnect to what is really important to you as you identify the areas of your life that need desperate attention in order for you to thrive. Maybe you’re ready for a career change or just want to figure out how to feel lighthearted and free to live on your own terms.

If you can’t remember the last time you woke up happy to greet the day, let me help you reconnect you to the good things in life as we craft a lifestyle that thrills you to pieces. Get started with a Personal Breakthrough Session.



  • Calling all nutrition professionals and Registered Dietitians, dreaming to start your own private practice,   I would love to help you make that dream a reality!
  • Clear up all your questions about billing insurance, legal forms, referrals, electronic medical records
  • Set your own schedule, choose your ideal clients and use your own materials.
  • Don’t let the technical stuff stand in your way. I’ve been through it and had my practice thriving 2 months after quitting my salaried job. I’m ready to show you the short cuts I’ve learned. You CAN start your own nutrition private practice and be successful, and I’m happy to show you how step-by-step! Start now with a Business Breakthrough Session.

If this is on the back burner for you, but you want to stay in touch please sign up for my exclusive newsletter for nutrition professionals for Free Biz Mentoring Tips!I share my best tips and experience as I learn it. Welcome to the family!

What to Expect

  • I’ve seen the best results for clients who make a true commitment to themselves by allowing adequate space and time for change to occur. My current packages are developed as 3 month and 6 month transformational experiences.
  • Our initial session will go deep with understanding your personal story and circumstances so we can tailor the activities around your current routine. Then we will meet weekly to reinforce all concepts and keep motivation and support elevated.
  • You will also be supported with personalized nutritional guidance, stress management recommendations, and lifestyle adjustments that need to occur in order for you to shift your vibrational energy so that you feel fully vibrant, alive and positively radiant.
  • We will chat via telephone, Skype or Google Hangout. However, Live in-person consults are available for local NC residents.

Curious if We’d be a Good Match? Schedule a Free 20 Minute Call!

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about working together to meet your unique needs. Please complete the contact form here and I will be in touch with you to schedule a call.

Ready to Jump In?

If you feel you could get your needs met in a one time session, I do offer that as well. this would be a good fit, if you just want a single intensive session whenever you need it. The topic of conversation is completely up to you. We dive in with an full examination and analysis of your current situation and develop a strategy to catapult you to the next level. One of these sessions will likely be 60 to 90 minutes of focused you time. Action steps and resources will be provided to take you out of your rut and into the stream of momentum and taking big action. Click here to purchase a Deep Dive Breakthrough Session.



Testimonial_Alexis “Amy was extremely helpful. It was really nice to talk through and get a confirmation of the ideas I had for my business that were all randomly floating around in my head. The discussion helped me organize concepts which helped me become more focused on starting my private practice. Because of the session, I began to think about where I would want to have my private practice location, how I want to market myself and the clientele that I want to reach. I would recommend a business breakthrough session with Amy for any dietitian who has a lot of ideas for their future but can’t seem to get started. It really helped me to start to organize my ideas.”
Alexis Newman



chrisHpm“I worked with Amy over the course of 9 months and lost 70 pounds. She taught me so much about making new habits stick and gave me so many ideas on creative ways to prepare healthy food and how to enjoy treats while still losing weight. She helped me adopt a new lifestyle, not just a diet. I feel like this is something I can do forever and am grateful for her support through the entire process. I’m happier now and in more control of my food cravings. She was always cheerful and encouraging. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Chris Hinkle




“In my session with Amy I now have hope! I love what she’s done and she made me feel like “I can do this!” Her aura is calm and I feel like having my own nutrition business is all possible. Just talking it through with someone who has changed their life is so inspiring. She didn’t just say it was easy, but was really down to earth and her manner comes through in her conversation.”
Nishma Shah



Testimonial_Katie “I had several aha moments with Amy, especially when I realized I’m essentially in the same place she was a year ago and that transitioning to private practice that would allow me to earn more, work less while spending the majority of my time doing the things that inspire and motivate was completely possible in less time than I expected. It was so nice to have her walk me through the process of envisioning the transition to private practice, I had been feeling stressed/nervous that it all needs to happen at once, and worried that I didn’t know exactly how it would unfold. Now, I feel a sense of calm that I do not need to know exactly how everything will happen. I would definitely recommend working with Amy to another nutritionist who is struggling with the idea of “pulling off” her own private practice and billing insurance. She makes it sound so much less scary then I have heard other health professionals say.”
Katie Gill