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What it takes to Succeed as a Creative Woman with Mary Haglund

mary dinerThis week we are exploring the artisan characteristic of crafting an intentional life. What exactly does it take to realize what you really want out of life and how do you make it come about? The choices we make can lead us down a series of roads, with some being detours that take awhile to get back to the main path. But underneath it all, we tend to be driven by our interest, our curiosity and our talents, if we let them shine. Do we have the courage to share our gifts with the world? Can we trust them to support us? Will the rest of the world be there to accept us? Can we make a life for ourselves that we are happy with?

In today’s interview we will going deep into the personal journey of creating a livelihood from one’s talents. You’ll get to hear the story of Mary Haglund, who took her love of cooking to the next level as she built a small business empire in Winston Salem North Carolina. It wasn’t easy to spearhead the farm to fork movement in this area, but the community was ready to receive it. Mary talks about what it takes to be successful in business, especially as a woman. You’re in for a treat.

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Mary’s Gourmet Diner



Wasn’t Mary just an oracle of wisdom? It’s so amazing to me how she’s created this legacy and now at a time in her life where she is ready to give back. She truly wants to see others succeed and be a change agent in the way we perceive the value of food, art and women as entrepreneurs. She’s a treasure to behold.

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