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Welcome to The Artisan Life Podcast

PodcastLogoDraft1 It wasn’t so long ago when I was just launching this website. And in the course of a few years, so many new programs, products and events have come about because of this idea to start a web based business. It’s fun and exciting. I couldn’t have predicted three years ago what direction I would have ended up taking, but I have to say I’m really glad it’s taken the turns that it did. I realize I’m much more than just a nutritionist, I’m an artisan! And it’s not just because I like to make crafts, but that a good part of it. It’s  more that I’m appreciate “artisanal” values. The same reasons why people are attracted to artisan foods, goods and crafts can be nuanced into a lifestyle. The high quality ingredients and attention to detail, the personal touch and effort that goes into a piece of work, the small economy, community-mindedness, a day spent at a slower pace with more thoughtfulness. It’s a part of a new mindset. A yearning for a lifestyle and generation that has passed is seeing a rebirth that is apparent through the popularity of farm to fork restaurants, handmade hemp clothing and craft breweries popping up around the country.

The “New World” Artisan

artisanal living



I’ve had my own experience in returning to a more satisfying life. I’ve talked about it here, through several blog posts. The journey into self employment, the detour into making jewelry, the time spent on beekeeping and planning to move to Colorado and build our dream home….all of these elements have come to describe my lifestyle in a way that is intentional, crafted and more fulfilling. Similarly, I keep hearing stories from others who are taking an active role in crafting their lives that are steeped in artisanal values. It felt like it was more than just a commonality, but that there may in fact be a movement occurring. People all over the world want to reconnect to these types of values and create a more meaningful, creative, hands-on life for themselves.

The Stories

In each podcast episode, I will be sharing the story of an artisan. Whether these artisans have more in common with the Old World characteristics or New World values, their stories are sure to inspire all of us to continue or creative journeys and craft the life of our dreams. In the first episode, I share more about my own story, from the childhood years to current day aspirations. I go into detail about motivators and key resources and people who have helped me make my dreams manifest before my eyes. And to get people into the spirit of artisanship, I always share what I’m making every week and provide folks with a “Maker’s Challenge” of their own, and give a suggestion of something new to make each week, just to exercise that “makers muscle.”

The Community

I’ve also created a group on Facebook to connect everyone who is interested in the podcast, who wants to be more engaged with the Artisan Life Movement and have a place to show off what you’re making as well. The group can be found here: “The Artisan Life.” You will need to request to join the group, as it is private and closed to the public. I really hope to see lots and lots of pictures of what different artisans are making, whether it be fresh loaf of bread or a leather bound book or new bookshelf in the home. It just feels like getting back to making our own stuff, including making our lives exactly what we want them to be, is how we are supposed to live to encourage health, happiness in ourselves and others.

The Book

HoneycombOption_v1-03 In it’s ultimate incarnation, The Artisan Life book is in the works, and due to be published later this spring. It’s the entire concept, as well as a sampling of some of my favorite artisan stories all wrapped up in an attractive and thoughtfully crafted book, that will be available on Kindle, in print and audiobook as well. I’m really passionate about this one! I guess when you feel like your journey can be expressed as a book concept, it hard to contain your excitement. I plan to self publish, but if you have any publisher connections, please let me know. I’m open to the idea of being a New York Times Bestselling Author!

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Episode One: Artisans Unite (on iTunes)

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Please take a listen to my first episode and let me know your thoughts. Who else would you like to hear from? What kind of challenges would you like to see? And please leave me a review in the itunes store, that really helps people decide to give the podcast a listen.

Show Notes:

What is Amy Making: Sauteed Turnips with Greens

Maker’s Challenge: Plan ahead and make Dinner from a Recipe.

Looking for a Recipe for your very first Maker’s Challenge? Try this one: Smoked Turkey Leg with Sweet Potato, Kale and Shiitakes.

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3 Comments on Welcome to The Artisan Life Podcast

  1. Jackemeyer
    January 26, 2016 at 6:34 pm (2 years ago)

    Dear Amy, thank you for always tackling fundamental topics.

    One component of Artisan economics that I particularly find challenging is captured in the following scenario:
    An Artisan Chocolatier, Francis, streamlines a process until satisfied with meeting personally-determined “Green” standards. The cost/overhead is low, the quality high, and the small business of satisfying chocolate cravings in hir community is temporarily solved.

    Industrial Chocolatier Hershey learns of the exact same processes, copies, institutes the exact same steps but in multiplying the number of chocolatier-output centers, actually improves the “Green-ness” and thus reduces cost as well. The brand “goes viral”.

    What criteria must be investigated, In Your Opinion, that would lead one to “vote” with the dollar by purchasing the “better” product?

    Thanks for considering. — DJ

      January 27, 2016 at 6:55 pm (2 years ago)

      Oh, great scenario. I can see this happening in so many examples, where big industry tries to capture and replicate that artisan vibe. One aspect would just be the green production process, but an even more important component would be supporting the local economy and artisan as an individual. And it may not require a lot of effort on the part of the shopper, but asking around- who are some of the local food companies in this area that could use my support? It’s admirable that big industry would like to contribute to the green movement, but ultimately I would guess they are driven by dollar as a bottom line metric and not happiness and satisfaction with one’s personal work (as an individual artisan might be).

      • Jackemeyer
        January 28, 2016 at 2:58 pm (2 years ago)

        I guess that’s where one “challenge” emerges:
        1) Why would an Artisan not be driven by profit and 2) Why would an industrial setting not aim to efficiently train/encourage & manage the employee or contractor to maximize happiness & satisfaction with the personal output? Are these mutually exclusive?

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