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Two ingredient all natural bug spray

bug spraySo it’s summer time and we are all in the backyard, grilling, enjoying the new deck, loving the cool evenings except- ugh- the mosquitoes!

I can’t bear to use the store brand bug repellents because 1. the chemicals and 2. the terrible smell! I can’t stand to reek and know I’m reeking of chemicals, even if it keeps the bugs away. Plus, I don’t want to use anything that would negatively affect my backyard bees.

I’d wanted to try a DIY solution, but assumed they wouldn’t be as effective. Also, many of the recipes I looked at called for multiple ingredients, and a wide variety of essential oils that I didn’t have on hand. Then, recently the resurgence and popularity of essential oils brought about the Thieves blend, which happens to be a combination of oils recommended in many of the DIY bug spray recipes. I happened to have this Thieves blend (cinnamon, clove, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus) and figured the absolutely most simplest way to make bug spray was to just mix it with water. And you know what -it works!!

I actually stood out in my yard and tested it and watched the mosquitoes fly around me but not come in for a landing. The best part is that you end up smelling like a spice cake.

Here’s my simple recipe.

Two Ingredient Natural Bug Spray

  • 20 drops Thieves Essential Oil
  • 1 ounce water

Shake well before application.

Have you tried a natural insect repellent? What is your favorite way to keep away the bad bugs in your back yard?


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