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Turning your craft hobby into a business with Danielle Spurge Swavely

spurge-08Today we are talking about taking your craft to the next level to have it support your livelihood. Maybe you can relate to the progression of a hobby or craft that keeps growing and growing and starts to take up more and more space in your house. Suddenly you’ve got half a dozen projects in the works and even more finished products filling up all of your storage space. Your friends are telling you to open up an Etsy shop. You’ve thought about doing a craft show, but haven’t figured out all the logistics. Business cards, website, packaging? There’s enough to think about to stop you in your tracks and keep you from doing anything. Then when you finally decide to take the plunge to open an online store, you wait for sales to come in and wonder what you’re missing.

Maybe I’m just speaking from my own experience and nobody else has had this experience. Huh? Or am I saying things that are ringing true to you? Well today’s guest is going to set us straight on the realities of starting a craft business online and how to improve the entire experience. So if you’ve been at this and are struggling to get more sales or are in the beginning phase of thinking of putting together a shop or brand, you will get a lot out of today’s show.

Click on the links below to listen to my conversation with Danielle, the handcrafted maven who took her passion for artisan work and turned it into a thriving business helping other crafters succeed in theirs. She’s got some great tips on making a living from your craft.

Danielle is an artisan who took her passion for crafting and channeled it in the direction of helping others develop and perfect their own craft businesses. There will be some gems to capture from this conversation, for sure.

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Show Notes:

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What to Make this Week:


My maker’s challenge will be in the spirit of this show- making crafts. I challenge you to create a piece of jewelry (either for yourself , or as a gift- mother’s Day isn’t too far away). It’s quite satisfying to create a functional piece of art that you get to wear on display. I’ve not been much of a jewelry wearer (i’m such a minimalist) yet I have oodles of cool jewelry that I have made that I could be advertising by wearing it more often. haha. But give it a try and see if you can make a piece of handmade jewelry, a pendant or some earrings, maybe a bracelet? See what materials you have on hand and what would be easy to make. Do it to it! And post away your creations in the FB group The Artisan Life.

Have you been thinking about turning your craft hobby into a business? What options have you considered?


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