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Try This not That for the Holidays

veggie crockReady for quick swap out for some notorious holiday favorites? It’s not just food, but many holiday traditions that can lead to us feeling lethargic, unenergized and uninspired.

It’s easy to get caught up in celebrations, but some simple changes can keep the holiday spirit alive as well as support your health. Can you make this year the one where you don’t get indigestion, avoid getting sick, and stay awake after the big meal? Try out some of these holiday celebration alternatives to keep your season alive and bright!


Get Ready for “Try This Not That- Holiday Edition!”

Instead of  a Fried Turkey, why not try Cornish Hens

What’s fun about a fried turkey is that it’s a novelty. Something new for most people, plus it tastes so good because of all the extra fat. Cornish Hens are also a novelty and provide delicate bites with their own savory flavor. And portion control built in!

Instead of Making Cookies, Try Making Ornaments

Christmas cookies are a favorite past-time for many families, but these days, cookies are everywhere you look. Why not make the family bonding tradition of making homemade ornaments (popcorn and fruit garlands, orange clove balls, or gingerbread shapes) for sustainable and lasting memories.

Instead of Jellied Cranberry Sauce, why not try a Fresh Cranberry Relish

Avoid all the sugar and processing and lump of jelly. In the same amount of time it takes to open a can by hand, you can blend up a more nutritious dish bursting with color and flavor: Recipe for Cranberry Salad HERE.

Instead of Mashed Potatoes, Try Mashing these Equally Festive Veggie Alternatives

Ten Veggies to Serve Mashed instead of White Potatoes.” It’s not that potatoes are terrible, but these veggies offer so much more in terms of vitamins, flavor and color. Talk about festive!

Instead of Watching Movies, Try Going Ice Skating

It’s easy to stay in the electronics age and succumb to watching the latest and greatest 3D IMAX holiday movie. But why not start a new active tradition? Even if you don’t live in an area cold enough to have frozen ponds and lakes, you can likely find a venue for ice skating, even if it’s a bit of a drive. Still no ice? Let roller skating can be your back up option!

Instead of Filling up on Sausage Balls or Cheese and Crackers, Try Snacking on Nuts in the Shell.

Sure there’s a little work in it, but isn’t that half the fun? It help you to be more mindful about your snacking when you have a pile of shell “evidence” on your plate. Plus, you get to taste the original flavor of brazil nuts and filberts, not the roasted, salted nuts that encourage overconsumption.

Instead of Multiple Glasses of Wine, Try Fizzy Alternatives

Cut your calories in half by mixing your wine with club soda. Save your self the headaches and dehydration that come from drinking too much alcohol. Better yet, try some flavored sparkling water, kombucha or kefir water to mix up your drink.

Instead of Skipping the Gym, Try a New Activity

It’s tempting to let the business of the holidays be an excuse to avoid our regular routines at the gym. But maybe the holidays are the perfect excuse to try something new. A new class, a new running route, a new workout partner or a new piece of equipment. Jacob’s ladder, anyone? Embrace the novelty of the season with a new exercise perspective.

Instead of Getting Overtime, Try Taking Another Day Off

In our workaholic mindsets, it’s easy to see the value of “double-time” or “holiday pay.” Work extra and get paid. But what exactly are we working so hard for? To enjoy life more at some point? Why postpone joy? Enjoy it now- save money buy purchasing less and spend more time enjoying your life instead of working it away.

What are your gems?

What healthier holiday swaps have you made? Leave a comment below on how you’ve incorporated more “health = wealth” in your holiday traditions.

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