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Traditional Yeast Free Sourdough Recipe that works at High Altitude!

Click HERE to watch now.

All of the instructions are given in the video, but here’s a quick list of what you’ll need.


Materials needed:

8 cups of flour (about 2000 grams exactly)

1-2 apples and/or 1/2 cup dried fruit (apricots or raisins will work)

2 Tablespoons salt

100g gluten (optional, for a chewier loaf. try without first to see how you like it)

Mixing bowl

Quart sized container with lid

bread pans

kitchen scale that measures grams  (this is the one I have:


Day 1: chop up your fruit &place in container to make fizzy ferment water

Day3: if water is fizzy & sour proceed

Step 1: measure out 50g flour & 50g ferment water- mix to form a paste- wait a few hours

Step 2: measure out additional 50g flour & 50 grams ferment water, mix & wait a few more hours

Step 3: add 150g flour & 150g water to bowl & mix (wait until bubbles appear for starter to be ready)

Step 4: Add 1000g ferment water, (if you run out, use regular water to make up 1000g). Add 2 tablespoons salt. Stir until starter is dissolved

Step 5. Add 1500 g bread flour. Optional: Can use 1400g flour and 100g gluten for chewier texture. Mix well to combine, no dry spots. Might have to get your hands in there.

Step 6. Place in fridge overnight. (allow the sourdough culture to grow throughout the dough)

Step 7. Pull out of fridge and let warm up to room temperature.

Step 8. Throughout the day, stretch the dough up high and fold over itself a couple of times, then let it rest. Do this every couple of hours until the dough stretches easily & far without ripping.

Step 9. Divide dough up into 3 pans.

Step 10. Cover dough in plastic and allow to rise until you can see bubbles on the surface.

Step 11. Preheat oven to 475. Make an foil tent over the bread pan & bake for 20 minutes.

Step 12. Reduce heat to 450, remove foil tent & bake for another 15 minutes to form the crust. (Repeat as desired with remaining loaves. Can do all 3 in 1 day or keep dough in refrigerator and bake when wanted. I prefer to bake each loaf separately because the loaves cook more thoroughly one at a time.)

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