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Tiny Home, Big Heart with Jenna and Tim Steep

Jenna and Tim Steep are tiny house builders, yoga instructors and womb embodiment mentors. They felt a soulful calling to build a tiny home (a process which was featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big LIving) and upon their marriage in the summer of 2017, moved from 3000 square feet to 300.  Along the way, they built a thriving Kundalini Yoga and Womb Awakening online studio called Womb of Love, and blog about tiny living in their spare time on their tiny house blog, Steep Shack.

Jenna describes herself as a Womb Priestess and Yogini, Soul Doula and Visionary. She is joined in life by her husband Tim, a remodeling contractor who thrives on creating sacred spaces with wood and reclaimed materials. Together they are a power couple who not only managed to build a new home in a record time of 44 days, but they also thrive together as they discover that living with less has brought them a bigger life.

There are so many great take-aways in this episode. I love that they just went on a whim to see if HGTV might be interested in their story, and they were signed on! And then it turned a little more serious with pressure to finish on time, due to filming and honeymoon dates looming. But they totally made it work. And then the curating of meaningful details and artifacts that fill their home, it just makes a sacred space that much more special. My favorite quote of the show was “everything in a tiny house is bigger.” From the “small-ish mess on the counter, to a festering argument; things need to be dealt with sooner and more directly. There’s literally no where to hide!  And a lack of space doesn’t dampen the spirit or love the Steeps are able to put out into the world. If anything, a tiny home has served to be a “powerhouse” of intentional energy cultivation and deep presence that is having a healing effect beyond their four walls.

So thanks again to Jenna and Tim. Many blessings on the life you two are building together.

Listen to our conversation below:

Find out more about Jenna and Tim’s story. If you want to learn more about how you can work with them, visit:

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