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The Importance of Fairy Gardens, Magic and Fun for Children and Adults with Donni Webber

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you remember when your life felt magical? Remember what it was l like to believe in other worlds and how everyday objects could transform into  into essential props for your land of make believe? I used to spend countless hours in the woods with my siblings, creating a “cabin” complete with multiple rooms, furniture, place settings and food. I would rave on and on about my cabin in the woods to my friends and when they finally saw it, they were confused because they were looking for a physical replica of what they had in their minds. They weren’t seeing my creation through their imagination. Sometimes I would have a friend who “got it” and would play along and contribute to the design, and I knew this friend understood what it was all about.

There is value in the pretend world. This is where we get to practice designing the dreams of our own lives. It also gives a break from the pressures and busy-ness of day to day living. We get a chance to escape, create something beautiful and play for the fun of it.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Donni Webber, a seasoned veteran on this topic. She is an active Fairy Gardener, crafter and Waldorf lifestyle blogger who is helping millions of people around the world reconnect to the importance of magic and fun. Listen to our chat below!

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Show Notes

Find Donni Online: Donni Webber

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Fairy Gardens




Seven Times the Sun

The Artist’s Way


Do you feel that cultivating a sense of magic is important for child and adult wellbeing?

What kids of activities have you engaged in that get you lost in the land of make believe?

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