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Embracing “Round Two” of Life: Solitude & Serenity in the Ozarks with Jody Kay

These days, Jody refers to her life as “Round Two.” Her kids have grown, her parents have passed and her life is more focused on her instead of taking care of others, as was the case for many years prior to now. So she was ready to shift and create a life around what she wanted for herself. She prefers a simple, hands-on lifestyle filled with tasks that provide meaning and satisfaction after completing them. This desire, plus some inheritance money, made it possible for her to pursue this dream of purchasing her own land, building her own home and living debt-free in the woods of the Ozarks in Missouri. She spends her days knitting, sewing, cultivating wild foods, gardening, and helping others to support her way of life.

Some might consider her way of life “extreme” as she lives without running water or electricity and prefers to heat her home with a wood stove. Jody tells us about the joys of labor, how engaging in the simplest of tasks give her meaning and satisfaction on a daily basis. She sees life as a patchwork, with holes to fill, and she is doing her part weaving together beauty, love, community and nature into a magnificent masterpiece she can’t wait to witness.

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I was fascinated with the drive that Jody has for creating her own life on her terms. It’s always so inspirational to see people “not waiting until retirement to live the life you love.” What great advice. I hope Jody’s story is fuel for you to go after your artisan lifestyle. You don’t need to have it all together to make the leap, but a good plan, key resources and a community you can rely on will definitely help!


Find out more about Jody Kay

On Facebook

Borrowed Earth Goods

Borrowed Earth Farms

When Living the Dream Finally Arrives

It has been a while since the last update, and so much has happened. It always seems trite to say “life got busy,” but I understand how regular routines can get away from you, especially when so much is coming at you on the horizon.

So much of our lives are spent planning that when the fruition of dreams occur, you finally have a chance to embrace the moment and savor all the goodness.

In this brief episode, I give a brief recap of the past year and exactly what has transpired since our move to Colorado. I share my transition to my new livelihood and acknowledge the mild discomfort that comes from leaving a familiar career behind.

There are more new ventures on the horizon, however. Not just in my artist world, but as a household. As we proceed with the construction of our home, we plan to document our progress and process on YouTube, so keep in touch, if you are so inclined to watch a couple of self-starters pioneer their dream homestead.

One of the ways I knew it was time to get back to the podcast was that I keep meeting incredible people with amazing stories as I got myself out into the artisan scene in Colorado. With the big efforts behind me, I now have more free time, or flexible time, I should say. Working for yourself always means there are things to do, so “free time” is sort of a fantasy. So back to “jumping in” again. I’ve got the next few episodes lined up, so stay tuned! Enjoy the “Artisan Year in a Nutshell” and hope to leave some inspiration at your leisure.

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Eco-Conscious Jewelry Artisan Angela Zancanaro Lives Her Dream in Mexico

protection necklace

Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have that relaxed, go with the flow, fearless artist’s spirit. You know what I”m talking about? I bet you have a friend or know someone who has never been conflicted about following their dreams. They just seem to effortlessly know exactly what they want to do (making art for a living) and they somehow figure out how to support themselves, spending their days whipping up amazing designs and living the easy life? My guest today is that person. I’ve been an admirer of her instagram posts for awhile. She creates these amazing nature inspired artisan crafted metal forged jewelry pieces.  Then I notice she is living on the beach in Mexico. So of course,I had to talk to her and find out more. I hope you enjoy our chat.

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Show Notes

Find Angela Online:IMG_6655






So how amazing is Angela? Once you take a peek at her work, you will be blown away. And is it just me, or is anyone else a tinge envious of her easy beach lifestyle in Mexico. I’m just in awe of her bravery to take the leap to make it happen now rather than wait until some other “socially acceptable time to see and experience the world later in life. Kudos to her and her beautiful designs that make a statement about her passion to preserve the natural world.
You can find Angela online in the links in the show notes on my website “” Just click the podcast tab. You can also find more tips to live a healthy and happy lifestyle there as well. If you are digging the podcast, you can become a subscriber on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. I’d love to hear your opinion in a rating or review as well. That wraps up the show for this week. Join us next time for another inspiring artisan story. In the meantime, I wish you the energy, inspiration and abundant time and opportunity to get involved in a project that sparks your joy!


What it takes to Succeed as a Creative Woman with Mary Haglund

mary dinerThis week we are exploring the artisan characteristic of crafting an intentional life. What exactly does it take to realize what you really want out of life and how do you make it come about? The choices we make can lead us down a series of roads, with some being detours that take awhile to get back to the main path. But underneath it all, we tend to be driven by our interest, our curiosity and our talents, if we let them shine. Do we have the courage to share our gifts with the world? Can we trust them to support us? Will the rest of the world be there to accept us? Can we make a life for ourselves that we are happy with?

In today’s interview we will going deep into the personal journey of creating a livelihood from one’s talents. You’ll get to hear the story of Mary Haglund, who took her love of cooking to the next level as she built a small business empire in Winston Salem North Carolina. It wasn’t easy to spearhead the farm to fork movement in this area, but the community was ready to receive it. Mary talks about what it takes to be successful in business, especially as a woman. You’re in for a treat.

Listen to our conversation below:

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Show Notesmary haglund

Find Mary Online:

Mary’s Gourmet Diner



Wasn’t Mary just an oracle of wisdom? It’s so amazing to me how she’s created this legacy and now at a time in her life where she is ready to give back. She truly wants to see others succeed and be a change agent in the way we perceive the value of food, art and women as entrepreneurs. She’s a treasure to behold.

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The Importance of Fairy Gardens, Magic and Fun for Children and Adults with Donni Webber

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you remember when your life felt magical? Remember what it was l like to believe in other worlds and how everyday objects could transform into  into essential props for your land of make believe? I used to spend countless hours in the woods with my siblings, creating a “cabin” complete with multiple rooms, furniture, place settings and food. I would rave on and on about my cabin in the woods to my friends and when they finally saw it, they were confused because they were looking for a physical replica of what they had in their minds. They weren’t seeing my creation through their imagination. Sometimes I would have a friend who “got it” and would play along and contribute to the design, and I knew this friend understood what it was all about.

There is value in the pretend world. This is where we get to practice designing the dreams of our own lives. It also gives a break from the pressures and busy-ness of day to day living. We get a chance to escape, create something beautiful and play for the fun of it.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Donni Webber, a seasoned veteran on this topic. She is an active Fairy Gardener, crafter and Waldorf lifestyle blogger who is helping millions of people around the world reconnect to the importance of magic and fun. Listen to our chat below!

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Show Notes

Find Donni Online: Donni Webber

The Magic Onions

Fairy Gardens




Seven Times the Sun

The Artist’s Way


Do you feel that cultivating a sense of magic is important for child and adult wellbeing?

What kids of activities have you engaged in that get you lost in the land of make believe?

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Investing in the Health of Your Community with Dr. Maggie Ashworth

13043557_10104291693109463_8786326276473811502_nMany artisans are multitalented and choose to cultivate creative expression throughout their lives. Some are driven to cultivate and enrich their community such as my guest this week, Dr. Maggie Ashworth. Investing yourself into your community is one of those attributes that can make everyone feel good. We all end up investing in ourselves in the end. We take greater care of our surrounding and look out for one another and ultimately our health improves as a result.

Before we get on to the interview I wanted to mention an important update as to the status of the Artisan Life book that I’m writing. With the help of some excellent council, I’ve decided to take a bit more time to develop the book further, to invest in my craft, if you will. So instead of being ready this spring, I’m allowing myself to take the summer to work on it, enhance the quality and make it a great read , striving to have it ready by fall. It was a difficult decision, as I just love getting things wrapped up and done, but I was starting to feel the pressure of deadline and several projects coinciding, so this seemed like the best way. I don’t want to be tied to a computer screen while in Colorado this summer working on the homestead. Can you blame me? And this will allow me more time for promotional events as well.
So this week I’ve got a great show for you about building community and investing in our health: Dr. Maggie Ashworth will tell us about her adventures in building a business, and building up her community in her hometown of Danville, Virginia.

Listen to our conversation below The Artisan Life Episode 19:

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Show Notes10891674_10103105287485843_4121739243005507225_n

Find Dr. Maggie online:


Hot Asana Yoga


How Amazing is Dr. Maggie? Talk about going the extra mile to invest in your community. Not only is her business there, but her family, her community, and what she sees as her future. She feels actively involved in forming it and it’s so important. We all need to feel like we belong and have ownership in our communities. I’m sure the payoff is improved wellness for all involved.

What have you done that gets you invested in your community? What have you seen change as a result of community improvement?


Connecting to our Inner and Outer Beauty with Molly Liebel

Do youmolly hair cultivate beauty in your life? I have friends that come to mind right away who are very skilled at this. They enjoy putting different looks together, enjoy decorating and all the details that can be added to food preparation, party planning and home design. I’m not such a detailed focused person, so I leave off lots of the finishing touches to things that can add beauty to an experience. But I do enjoy appreciating beauty in the moment, in small things, like new flowers in bloom or appreciating someone’s photography. I enjoy how appreciating beauty can cultivate positive feelings of awe and inspiration.

So how can we cultivate beauty this week? I’m going to be heading off to Colorado so, I will be curating snapshots and mementos of our trip. Im going to appreciate our new land, our future homestead and take in all the trees and hillsides and earth moving that we are about to embark on. I’ll suggest your maker’s challenge to find a way to cultivate beauty on your terms this week and see how that action can make your day by boosting your positivity.

Next up, my guest Molly Liebel, is an artisan of beauty. She spends her days immersed in hair design, from color to cuts to styles, she is constantly engaging her creativity and finding flow in her work. She’s also a certified yoga teacher and finds great satisfaction in connecting people with their inner beauty as well. Listen to her story of how she creates days filled with purpose and meaning and what her impact on her community has been.

Episode 18: Click Below to Listen

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Show Notes

molly outdoorsFind Molly Online:

Chakras Spa

Free Spirits Yoga

Artisan Challenge of the Week:

Find a way to cultivate beauty in your life! Photos? Nature? Decorating? You decide!


How sweet was Molly? What do you think you could do to help others feel good about themselves? Have you ever had your hair done or taken a yoga class and felt completely transformed after the experience? It’s funny what we justify is worthy of our time and money, but what’s the value of positive transformation? Priceless!

Mastering our Mindset with Louise Botwright

louiseIt’s so important to talk about the power of thoughts and daily action to actively create the life that you want for yourself. There is so much power in what transpires inside of our minds that we need to learn how to stay in the driver’s seat of our thought patterns so that we can optimize the outcomes in our favor. It can be tricky to keep our wandering minds out of old patterns, so it can take some practice and my guest today will explain how she helps clients with this very same problem.

Let me tell you about my guest Louise Botwright. She is a life and  mindset coach and expert when it comes to teaching people how to maximize their mind potential when it comes to creating what they want to happen in their lives. I’ll let you hear her version of the story of how she turned her life around and now walks in a wake of positivity, success and inspiration. You won’t believe how powerful and effective working with your mindset can be. You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the links below: 

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Show Notes

louise 2Find Louise Online:





Resources mentioned:

The Untethered Soul

What to Make this Week

We’ve had an early spring here in North Carolina, so we were able to get some plants into the ground and re-seed the backyard grass. My maker’s challenge this week is to find your green thumb and pot some seedlings, herbs, or if you’re in a warmer climate like me, get some plants into the ground. See what sprouts up in a month or two! I’m happy to report that my kale has grown back that I picked all the leaves off of and now it’s ready for the kitchen again.


Have you had any experiences in changing your mindset or tackling your thought patterns? What changed for you? What did it take to make the shift?


Note: some of the links contained in this page may be affiliate links where I earn a small commission upon your purchase of an item. This enables me to continue to run the podcast and this website. I appreciate your support!

The Art of Blending your Strengths and Interests into a Livelihood

circle star sky

When you are the type of person who has a lot of different interests, it can be hard to find your identity in the world. There are so many different aspects to our personalities. We may have a variety of strengths and skills yet, we wonder how these might fit into our overall mission in life. It’s enough to make you feel a little bit of an identity crisis.

I’d always been a creative type but studied the sciences in school and became a dietitian nutritionist as a trade. However, more creative interests begged for attention and I found myself split where I should pursue my time. It felt important to “make a living” at  my studied trade, but it also felt important to spend time on activities that got me really interested and excited. I wondered if there was a way to combine all of these aspects of myself into one lifestyle, something that was more integrated, and that’s when I came up with the artisan life concept.

This week I talk with another artisan of integration, Nathaniel Glosson. He identifies in a similar struggle, where he has passion and strength and skills in quite different areas, yet he is able to find a way to blend these into his lifestyle. He calls this blending his “craft”. During the week he teaches high school english and in his free time he studies astrology and helps others understand and interpret the many varied aspects of personality and astrological influence by studying their natal charts. And he enjoys the artistic and hand-on experience of creating visual representations of what he sees in the form of painted charts and jewelry.

Listen to what Nathaniel has to share about “The Art of Blending” in Episode 3 of The Artisan Life Podcast.

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Show Notes:

Learn more about Nathanial Glosson:

Astrological Chart Readings

Nathaniel Glosson on Facebook 

Homegrown Artisan Market

What is Amy Making: A Personalized Daily Planner

year planner

year planner 2

This is an example of how I “beautified” one of those magnetic promotional refrigerator calendars. I wanted to look at it and be excited to pick it up and take notes, so I covered it in foil wrappers I had saved from chocolate bars. Ha!! It was a fun way to “upcycle” junk mail.


Maker’s Challenge:

Make a Colorful Drawing or do a “Grown Up Coloring Page.”


This year for I received an “adult coloring book” as a Christmas gift, which was filled with very detailed drawings of a variety of animals and nature prints. The funny thing is that I also gave these books as gifts! I think it was the gift idea of the year.

I didn’t think I would enjoy coloring such finely detailed sketches, but after getting into it, and using fun gel pens and fine tipped markers, It actually became a very relaxing and focused activity. Right now, you can find a great selection of these coloring books at Michael’s Craft Store.

Want to have more fun? Join the Community on Facebook and post your pictures there!

The Artisan Life.

Or follow me on Instagram @beehappylife and post your Maker’s Challenge pics there: #makerschallenge #artisanlife

Have you made a successful blend of your strengths and interests? How did you make it work? Please share a comment below!

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Courage to be Authentic and Live your Bliss

lavender bikes What’s it like to live your bliss? This picture taken by my friend Mariela Perez Simons speaks to me in a way that answers that question.  Life is beautiful, brimming with abundance, and there is also an ease to navigating it. Living blissfully is about allowing ourselves to be engaged with whatever makes us happy and following any curiosity that gets us excited to be alive.

This week, I talk with my good friend Mariela, who has made some major life shifts to produce a life of bliss. For her the process was all about becoming authentic with her true nature and giving herself permission to connect to the things that enlivened her and disconnect from the things that were draining her. This meant lots of deep soul searching, ending a business and starting life over. Facing this type of change can be frightening for many of us to even contemplate. Fear of the unknown, of what comes next, is the reason why so many of us stay in jobs we dislike, in relationships that are unhealthy and never take that leap of faith to see how we could be living life differently.

I hope Mariela’s story and words of encouragement are inspiring to you if you’re nervous about making a big change in your life. It’s never too late and you never know what surprises, rewards and miracles are on the other side of the leap!

Listen to Mariela’s story here on: Episode 2 of the Artisan Life Podcast  (on iTunes)

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Show Notes:

Find Mariela Perez Simons online:

Instagram: @MarielaAnanda

Youtube: Mariela Perez Simons

Facebook: Live Your Bliss


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Women Who Run with the Wolves

What is Amy Making this Week:

Kombucha!    (a probiotic & fizzy tea beverage).

Click HERE for a recipe of how to make your own.  

Makers Challenge:

Need help with ideas? Check out this Pinterest Idea HERE.

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Have you ever had a moment in your life where you made a big leap of faith in the name of living true to yourself? Was it worth it? Leave a comment below.

Note: some of the links contained in this page may be affiliate links where I earn a small commission upon your purchase of an item. This enables me to continue to run the podcast and this website. I appreciate your support!

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