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Surprise money! How I earned side income between clients.

girl writing in bookIn the past couple of months I’ve been tweaking my business strategy and tried out a few new ideas. I was struggling at the beginning of the year. I putting a lot of work into creating lots of big programs and online courses, but didn’t get the response or engagement the way I had hoped. It was a little too much too soon kind of approach and I still needed to reach a larger audience. So after some reflection and realizing my hobby was bringing in consistent income (read my post here on that story), I thought I would try working less on building and marketing online programs and instead focus more on my local practice while I pursued things that were more fun. And the surprising thing was that as I worked less, the money came anyway.


By putting online programs on hold, it freed up more time to get involved in a few other projects that were much less intense. Here are the three things I tried instead to promote my business that actually turned out great!

Affiliate Program Collaboration

One of my best decisions was to collaborate in an affiliate program. It may have been a stroke of luck or good timing, but when I saw the opportunity to be part of a program that was promoting paleo and primal nutrition, I thought it was the perfect fit. Luckily, I had a program of my own I could contribute to the sales bundle. There was minimal work on my part, I just sent over the file to be included in the package, and I was free to promote it on my own. Because the paleo/primal community is so large, it gave me tremendous exposure to my program, allowing me to keep in touch with over 700 new participants. I earned some commissions from sales of the bundle and a nice unexpected bonus. For me, the experience was valuable because it gave my business and my anti-inflammation program more exposure and credibility since it was affiliated with other well known brands and personalities in the paleo/primal community.

Special Offers

When I realized I instantly had 700 new people to talk to, share with and inspire, I got busy thinking of how I could keep them engaged and ultimately, wanting to work with me. My business coach recommended doing a promotional offer, offering one to one nutrition coaching at a special price for a limited number of spots. I settled on $99 for a month of telephonic coaching. And I was pleased to welcome new clients who jumped at the opportunity.

I also had made special “work with me” offers to dietitians who were on the verge of starting their own practices, who were really needing help organizing all the logistics of getting set up with insurance companies. After a couple of personal phone conversations, I ended up securing a couple of new clients who needed the guidance from a dietitian who went through the exact same steps they were now facing.

Kindle Book

In April I set out to write a book on my beekeeping hobby just to publish on Kindle. I had heard that publishing Kindle books was feasible to do on your own and that some people are able to generate a nice side income from the sales. I mostly wanted to do it for the fun of it and loved the idea of self publishing a work of my own that I could feature on my site and be linked to Amazon. It took me several weeks to finish everything up, but I had it published in May. I hadn’t expected it to be a best seller, but was pleasantly surprised when I checked the stats to find out it has been quietly making sales in its first month on Amazon.

Your Next Project

Hopefully you’ve got a few new ideas of ways to broaden out your resources to create some revenue streams that can leverage your income. Don’t worry so much about creating the ultimate online e-course or a labor intensive group coaching program if the thought of it drains you. My whole take-away from this experience was that I could work on fun projects that were much less intensive, but still be worthwhile pursuits in terms of growing my business. Ultimately, there are many ways to develop an online business and I’m all about following the path that’s the most enjoyable.

Do you have big mammoth-sized projects that you’re dreading to face?  Even if it wasn’t a big “money maker” which alternative business idea might you try for fun? Write your response below!



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