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Scrambling or Savoring, Stuffed or Sloshed …What’s your Thanksgiving Personality Type?

large_4102336245When I was a kid I told my mom that my favorite holiday was Thanksgiving. Now you might think that the other popular holidays offer more excitement to a child, such as the gifts during Christmas or the bounty of candy from Halloween or Easter. Even the Fourth of July had the thrill of fireworks. But, for me, there’s something really special about the Thanksgiving holiday.

For one thing, it’s really simple. All you have to do is cook and eat. There’s no pressure to find the perfect gift or run around to a dozen different events, and there was no obligatory church service to get dressed up for. From a kid’s perspective, it felt more relaxed and more about hanging out than anything else. But as I grew up, I started to notice that the conventions of society start to weigh heavily on us and we start to develop holiday behavior traits that can stick with us for a lifetime. See if you can find your Thanksgiving tendencies listed in the personalities below:

The Thanksgiving Personality-Type Indicator

Saint – Are you seen sitting at the kids table with endless patience, helping them wipe their faces? Do you turn your nose at all the abundant calories, sticking only to pure vegetables and turkey on your plate? Have people found you getting grandma’s slippers from the car and pet whispering to otherwise noisy ankle-biters? if so, you may be the Saint of Thanksgiving Past!

Sloth – You’ve been waiting for this day all year. A chance to put your feet up and nibble on some tasty treats. Followed by a little snooze. Maybe a little stretch before the “real” afternoon nap. The ideal day begins in pajamas watching the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, followed by a fantastic mid-day meal, and enhanced by an afternoon of football. Sound like your dream? You may be Thanksgiving Sloth! These creatures are rare, but at no risk of extinction in the near future.

Servant – Working again? Wait, isn’t this a holiday? This might be you if you are found in the kitchen 99% of the time. You not only put together most of the meal, but you also clean up everything after all is said and done. You spend so much time getting everyone else settled that when you sit down to eat your plate (if there’s even a chair to be found) it’s often cold. You may get a few bites down before someone dings for your assistance. The kids now need batteries for the game controller. Hold on, you’re coming! If this sounds familiar you may be the Thanksgiving Servant!

Storyteller – Do the children gather at your feet when you start talking? Are many ears a-fixed on your next word? Maybe you’re giving a toast or saying grace, but somehow you are the one talking, most of the time. Can anyone get a word in edge-wise, or has your punchline created a roomful of laughter? You might also be caught spontaneously bursting into song, just for pure entertainment value. If you’ve noticed that you surround yourself with an audience (who may or may not be mesmerized by your tales), you may be the Thanksgiving Storyteller!

Sampler – Do you find the best part of Thanksgiving to be the shear variety of foods available to taste? There’s appetizers, treat bowls, sides, entrees, desserts, and beverages galore. You make it your civil duty to eat and evaluate each one. When you come back from fixing your plate, it’s piled 4 inches high with just a  taste of each dish, for fairness of course. But that’s not all, there’s still “room” left to try a “bite,” err, make that a “sliver” of pie. One of each please! If you’ve found yourself tasting a bite of everything that contained a calorie, you may be the Thanksgiving Sampler!

Slosh-buckler -You are quite content with anything on the table and any guest in the house, as long as you’ve got your friend in your hand. Red, white, brown & fizzy, fruity or noggy, a nip of courage puts you in a holiday mood like nothing else. In fact you’re practically a chef! See directions below:

1. Buy a turkey 2. Have a glass of wine 3. Stuff turkey 4. Have a glass of wine 5. Put turkey in oven 6. Relax, have another few glasses of wine 7. Turk the bastey 8. Wine of glass another get 9. Ponder the meat thermometer 10. Glass yourself another pour of wine 11. Bake the wine for 4 hours 12. Take the oven out of the turkey 13. Floor the turkey up off the pick 14. Turk the carvey 15. Get yourself another wottle of bine 16. Tet the sable, and pour yourself another glass of turkey 17. Say grace, throw-up, and pass-out. If this is you’re style- you might be the Thanksgiving Slosh-buckler!

Scrambler – This sounds like that crazy ride at the fair, and when you have this Thanksgiving personality type, it feels rather similar. The scrambler is often trying to remember their to-do list. In fact, they have misplaced the to-do list. They have taken 8 trips to the grocery store in the past 24 hours because “things kept popping up.” It’s hard to stay organized and time keeps counting down to the hour when everyone shows up! In fact, because they are always scrambling, this type is usually still in their pajamas 30 minutes before the guests arrive and wondering how they can take a 5 minute shower, dust the hallway and fill the cooler with their remaining minutes. If you’ve ever raced the clock on Thanksgiving, good chance you could be a Thanksgiving Scrambler!

Surprise – Do you like to pop in on family or friends unannounced? Perhaps you’ve shown up for dinner and they had to pull out an extra place setting? Or maybe you’ve shown up with a special someone of your own, perhaps a new relationship? Maybe you’re known for getting your hair colored in vibrant hues or suddenly declare you’re vegetarian or on Atkins, but whatever your new mojo is, it tends to take others by surprise. You’re unpredictable, which is your charm, so people have taken to factoring in your RSVP “just in case.” If you’ve ever shown up on a doorstep to everyone’s delight or dismay, you may be the Thanksgiving Surpriser!

Did I miss any? Which one were you? Write in your Thanksgiving Personality below!

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