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Revival of a Village: Claire Haslam describes the rebirth of Saxapahaw, NC

eddy pub emblemIt’s a town tucked away from plain sight, but it’s a hidden treasure worth the drive from Chapel Hill, Greensboro or Burlington, North Carolina. Saxapahaw, or commonly pronounced “Sax’p’haw” by locals is a mill town on the Haw river that is seeing it’s second coming.

One of the residents, Claire Haslam, has been actively involved in the restoration of this historic village and is my guest today on the show. We chat about the importance of community and the values that draw people together to invest and take pride in where they live.

Claire chats about what it’s like to discover joy and purpose from a small community and the pride that comes with investing in its future. The artisanal qualities of local economy, pride of workmanship, seasonal high quality food and hand crafted building elements are showcased in the story of Saxapahaw, North Carolina.

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What is Amy Making (actually this is Bryan’s project):

IMG_6078 (1)Concrete Sink & Router Table

This is a concrete sink, not quite finished. The rough edges and cracks have been filled with a dark gray acrylic slurry. It still needs to be stained and polished to it’s final luster. A matching sink bowl is in the works for the “his” & “hers” bathroom vanity for our new house we’re building in Colorado. The house is not yet in progress, but we will be way ahead in all of our custom made home fixtures!

Maker’s Challenge:

Open up an unused tool or supply and make something with it! Do you have a something sitting around that you haven’t used yet? What are you waiting for? Crack it open, make some stuff and send your pics over to our Facebook community!

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Care to comment about growing a grassroots community?Are you seeing trends like this in your area? What factors are important to you? What elements would contribute to your ideal village?


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