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The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook: a review

paleo kitchenI had a nice surprise in my mailbox when I came back from vacation this past weekend. And it wan’t just a stack of bills. I received my copy of the New York Times Best Selling Cookbook “The Paleo Kitchen” by my friend George Bryant from Civilized Caveman Cooking and Julie Bauer from PaleOMG.

So I get a little geeky about new cookbooks, I AM a foodie after all. But I really got excited about this one because of the Paleo theme. Don’t let it intimidate you if you aren’t familiar with the Paleo Diet, the cookbook is for everyone, Paleo or not. I gravitate towards Paleo cooking because there’s no processed ingredients, and it’s based on whole foods that are nourishing to the body. If you want a refresher on what Paleo is about check out my previous article here.  In this cookbook, they do a fantastic job of getting creative in recipes without adding too  many ingredients to make it impractical.

One of the first things I look at is the ingredient list. If it’s too long, I just don’t feel inspired to try to make something new. In The Paleo Kitchen, the ingredient list is quite manageable and most are pretty common to have on hand. If the recipe does call for something out of ordinary, it’s usually just a one or two items.

There were plenty of new ideas that I hadn’t seen before, flavor combinations that sounded enticing and things I definitely wanted to try like Bacon Pecan Cabbage and Pumpkin Tomato Soup. There’s also plenty of decadent desserts to choose from, including Paleo versions of traditional favorites like ice cream, brownies, cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies.

The authors do a great job explaining Paleo eating and permitted Paleo foods though I found this section a bit dull, perhaps because I’ve read my share on the Paleo Diet and am not personally looking for this information in a cookbook. However, anyone new or unfamiliar with the tenants of Paleo eating should find it quite useful and easy to understand.

Overall, whether one decides to follow Paleo or not, I was delighted by the assortment of easy to fix recipes in this cookbook. When it comes to nourishing quality meals, I was impressed by the collection George and Juli have put together. My only suggestion would be to make the book available as a spiral bound copy so that it can lay flat on the counter as I prepare another recipe.

Last night I made the Pineapple Steak Kabobs- tonight will be the Perfect Ribs! You can find The Paleo Kitchen on Amazon in a hard copy or Kindle format. (hmm maybe the Kindle version would solve my counter top problems?). Let me know if you’ve checked out the cookbook and what your favorite recipe is!



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