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Organizing a Community Art Market with Lulu Page

artisan marketGetting into your local artisan scene can be intimidating. It’s one thing to attend events, but another animal altogether to figure out how to get into a show. This creates barriers for artists and creatives, as if we need more excuses not to make and share art!

 My guest today is Lulu Page, a community connector and creative who got an idea into action for that she saw a need for in her community,  which was to put on an Artisan Market. She knew all about the extent of local talent out there and wanted to provide a venue where artisans of all ranks and experience could come and share their wares. She had the vision to create an event that was perceived as more than just an ‘art show’ but had the atmosphere of a lively festival, thereby attracting people to the experience as a whole. We’ll get into more of the details of her Artisan market in the show interview.

Lulu is such a mover and shaker in the local scene, she gathers up the goodness for all to enjoy. I’ve been a  proud vendor at her markets for the past year and it has really opened things up for me, as well as introduce me to some really neat people and awe-inspiring art. If you are in the North Carolina area, it’s certainly worth spending time visiting one of her Homegrown Artisan Markets, to chill out and appreciate the creative spirit.

But hear how it al began and continues to roll in our conversation below: 

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Find Lulu Online:

Lulu’s Lovelies on Etsy

Homegrown Artisan Market



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