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Organic Skincare with Buffalo Grass Fed Beauty’s Shalley Carrell

Today we’re talking about a couple of artisanal concepts including reciprocal sustainability and authentic quality. So what exactly is reciprocal sustainability? I think I just made it up, but it’s the idea that the effort you put forth to support and protect something, that effort also gives back to you. For example, it takes a lot of work to operate a homestead garden, livestock, and other permaculture features. But because you are so invested in taking care of the land and animals, you freely give up this energy and effort, because it’s worth it to you. As a return investment, you receive the bounties of the harvest and the satisfaction of hard work making a difference. Your efforts to preserve and enrich your homestead become sustained by what you receive in return. My guest this week has created a business out of her of love of animals, health and sustainability. She uses the highest quality ingredients to make a holistic line of skincare that is sustainably produced from her farm animals.

I had an experience like this when I got into beekeeping. I realized that more than just honey came out of the hive and I lots of leftover wax at the end of a harvest. It seemed like such a waste to not do something productive with it, so I learned how to clean and purify it to make my own beeswax. I found instructions on how to make a solar wax melter, and a couple of days leaving it outside in the hot summer sun, my beeswax was filtered into a handy yellow cake. From that point, I tried making candles, lip balms and lotions. I loved the reuse/recycling aspect of preserving the wax. And I found out there was even another product in the beehive, the sticky stuff the bees used to glue the hive all together. It’s called propolis. Usually you can scrape most of it out of the way, but instead of throwing it on the ground, I saved it and created a tincture by combining it with alcohol. Propolis is loaded with antiseptic and antiviral properties and makes a great sore throat gargle. Waste not want not! Use all parts.

Next up, is my conversation with Shalley Carrell, of Carrel Farms. She incorporates as “waste not want not” mindset making products for her holistic skincare line. I think you’ll be amazed to hear how her passion for her work shines through every area of her life.

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Show Notes:

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What to Make this Week:

Time to get messy with all kinds of art projects. Amy’s been making modeling paste to incorporate into canvas painting. It was a messy, sloppy project. But there is magic inside of making messes. I challenge you to make a royal mess this week and see what kind of beauty you can create out of it! Don’t forget to post your messy pictures to the Facebook group!


What do you think about using holistic organic skincare products? Have you ever tried a tallow based cream?

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