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My New Favorite Breakfast Cauliflower “Oatmeal”- grain free, nut free, sugar free

cauliflower porridgeThis recipe is an adaptation from a breakfast porridge recipe created by my dietitian friend Aglaee Jacobs. She’s shared a version in my summer cookbook that you can try. Ever since I went grain free, I was sad to say to goodbye to my morning oatmeal. It was a pleasurable start to my day. Then as if by magic, this recipe has come to my rescue.

This recipe uses flaxseed and ends up having a very similar texture and mouth feel of the oatmeal I was used to eating, but it boasts the cruciferous super food cauliflower, high fiber, antioxidants from cinnamon and healthy fats from coconut milk. This was the primary breakfast I ate when eating a low carb ketogenic diet in an experiment I tried that you can read about here.


1 cup of cauliflower florets

2 eggs

1 tablespoon flaxseed meal

2 teaspoons cinnamon (or more to taste)

3-4 Tablespoons coconut milk

liquid stevia drops (if desired)

Take the cauliflower and put into a food processor or mini chopper and blend for several seconds until finely minced.

Put into a soup bowl and cover (I use a silicone potholder to cover). Microwave for 2 minutes to steam cauliflower. (You could also do this on the stove with a steamer).

Remove from microwave and add in 2 eggs and flaxseed, stir until eggs are well incorporated.

Return to microwave for another minute. Remove, stir and add in cinnamon and coconut milk and stevia to taste.

The eggs dont’ entirely cook in the microwave, so it should create a more liquid consistency. This will also depend on the size of the eggs. You may need to adjust the cook time by a few seconds according to your preference.

If you don’t have a microwave or prefer not to use one, you can add all of the ingredients to the stove top and heat over medium until the desired consistency is achieved.

The recipe is about 300 calories, 20 grams of fat, 17 carbs (all fiber carbs) and 17 grams of protein. With major antioxidants and phytochemicals and healthy fats to start your day!

2 Comments on My New Favorite Breakfast Cauliflower “Oatmeal”- grain free, nut free, sugar free

  1. Mel
    June 20, 2017 at 3:11 pm (7 months ago)

    Thanks for this post! I started my adventure into nutritional ketosis a few months ago, and my dairy allergy has made it challenging to find recipes. This is just what I’ve been looking for.

    (I found your blog searching for how the menstrual cycle can affect ketone production…I’m curious if you’ve managed to find a way to maintain ketosis even during that time of the month?)

      August 7, 2017 at 12:45 pm (6 months ago)

      Awesome! Thanks Mel for sharing. I always like to try things for myself to evaluate how I feel. I think the trick to maintaining ketones is to keep strict on limiting carbs and perhaps try a supplemental ketone source.


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