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Mushrooming, Reindeer and Community: Modern Homesteading with Sonia Horowitz

It’s a rare person who not only follows their heartfelt childhood interests, but also creates a community to encourage others to learn, grow and share resources related to similar values and interests. Sonia Horowitz is my guest this month and her story will have you itching to get yourself out into nature.

Not only does she grown her own food, find her own mushrooms, raise her own birds, tie dye her own threads, but she’s inspired a movement of homestead dreamers to get out there and make it happen. Sonia has been fascinated with the forest her entire life and followed her heart back to the area where she grew up to start a family as well as a thriving homestead of her own.

In our conversation, she describes the group she founded called Fieldmaidens and how important it is to “return to the land.” She has dreams of owning a Reindeer farm, but for now she is content with teaching her children and other Fieldmaidens foraging skills, and how to create a self-sufficient home.

Connect with Sonia:

On Instagram: @TheHappyHippieHusky

Facebook: The Happy Hippie Husky




Listen to our conversation below:

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