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Mastering our Mindset with Louise Botwright

louiseIt’s so important to talk about the power of thoughts and daily action to actively create the life that you want for yourself. There is so much power in what transpires inside of our minds that we need to learn how to stay in the driver’s seat of our thought patterns so that we can optimize the outcomes in our favor. It can be tricky to keep our wandering minds out of old patterns, so it can take some practice and my guest today will explain how she helps clients with this very same problem.

Let me tell you about my guest Louise Botwright. She is a life and  mindset coach and expert when it comes to teaching people how to maximize their mind potential when it comes to creating what they want to happen in their lives. I’ll let you hear her version of the story of how she turned her life around and now walks in a wake of positivity, success and inspiration. You won’t believe how powerful and effective working with your mindset can be. You can listen to our conversation by clicking on the links below: 

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Show Notes

louise 2Find Louise Online:





Resources mentioned:

The Untethered Soul

What to Make this Week

We’ve had an early spring here in North Carolina, so we were able to get some plants into the ground and re-seed the backyard grass. My maker’s challenge this week is to find your green thumb and pot some seedlings, herbs, or if you’re in a warmer climate like me, get some plants into the ground. See what sprouts up in a month or two! I’m happy to report that my kale has grown back that I picked all the leaves off of and now it’s ready for the kitchen again.


Have you had any experiences in changing your mindset or tackling your thought patterns? What changed for you? What did it take to make the shift?


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