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Making Your Life Amazing with Megan North Shuford

meganOne of my favorite people to be around is Megan North Shuford. She has an inquisitive spirit and joyful presence that can put anyone at ease. It’s no wonder why she has chosen a path of service to help people create their best lives. Megan has an intuitive gift to help people draw out of themselves their innermost desires and dreams for an amazing life. She does this in her work as a transformational coach in one to one sessions and as the creator of her Make Your Life Amazing groups. I have attended one of her meetings and was blown away by how Megan infused me with optimism, motivation and action steps so I could get started on creating the future I’ve been dreaming about. She’s a mover and shaker and dream come true maker!

To have stretched my limits and go beyond what I thought was possible has empowered me and shows me what is possible…

In our discussion, you’ll hear how Megan has manifested miracles in her life – at just the right time. She shares what keeps her so positive and grounded and how any of us can connect to the power within to create what we want in our lives. Ready for a burst of inspiration to Make Your Life Amazing??? Listen to our convo below:

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Show Notes:

Find out more about Megan North Shuford Here:

Website: Megan North Shuford



The Love Jar Project

What to Make this Week:

IMG_3697I’ve been working on an art project I’ve been trying to master for awhile now. At one point I took a class and made some bronze sculptures. I’ve wanted to master the art of honeycomb sculpture and have the means and materials to try again. This weekend I’m going to be melting down some bronze and pouring my own ceramic shell casted honeycombs. I’ll post the final picture as soon as I get it done. Fingers crossed for a work of art, and not a lump of metal.

I’m challenging you to make something decorative inspired by designs in nature. Can you glue together some sticks, twigs, rocks or wood and make a candle holder? What about a simple wildflower with greenery centerpiece for the table? Need an idea to follow? Click HERE.

Are you enjoying the Artisan Life inspiration? Why not join the community?

The Artisan Life Group on Facebook – post pictures of your creations and see what other artisans are making.

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