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Lori Arellano’s passion for endurance sports sustained her weight loss success


Have you ever tried to lose weight before? What’s been your experience with previous attempts at losing weight?

Yes. Positive and negative. I’ve succeeded with Shape Magazine’s Online Trainer which allowed you to log workouts and food eaten for the day. Don’t think it’s around anymore. Succeeded whenever I was consistent in sports: lacrosse, field hockey, USTA tennis, triathlon and marathon training. Actually participation in sports was way more effective than real “diet.” What didn’t work was diet pills, being around negative people who nagged me about my weight (which is why sports groups are so valuable – positive people- focus is on bettering your game with team then your weight but then weight loss becomes the biproduct of playing sports anyway you know what I mean?) Going to the gym just for the sake of going to the gym or trying to “flatten abs, make my thighs less flabby, etc” Anytime I tried to lose weight for cosmetic reasons I almost always failed. Or, it would be a short term fix.

Why do you think you gained the weight initially? What were some of the factors you feel contributed to it?

Food choices were poor, sitting at a desk all day in corporate job, baby weight, stress.

How do you think your emotions played a part in your weight story?

Once I shifted focus from people bringing me down to people I could better myself with, I was able to be successful. Again, if you’re around people who are negative or have negative body images themselves or just go to the gyms for cosmetic reasons, it’s probably not going to help you personally in losing weight anyway. Key is to stay positive, find that positive tribe that wants to lead that active lifestyle, and fill wonderful life bucket lists like run marathons/triathlons/ improve etc.

When did you notice you were losing weight? What else was changing in your life?

When I was active in USTA, when I trained for those races, marathons, triathlons. Whenever I was consistent in playing team sports, and when I focused on living an active lifestyle for love of game rather than weight loss.

Since you didn’t follow a diet, were there any other intentional behaviors or habits that you felt helped you with losing weight?

Journaling my active lifestyle – emotions I feel after playing sports or how I want to feel after I improve running time, etc. Just being happy with life overall, seeing the milestones. I felt the effects anyway – after working out always have endorphins- best natural drug on planet.

Were there any “bad habits” you needed to break? How did you change your behavior?

I started to eat a little better but didn’t get too obsessed with eating healthy. Common sense stuff like eat more fruits and veggies. If you’re active anyway you will feel dehydration so I always drink water or gatorade as needed. Or if I eat poorly, I don’t beat myself up, I just allow myself a small portion of it. Never diet in the strict sense though – more loose.

Are you satisfied with your current weight? How long have you maintained your weight loss?

Yes, I am. 5-7 years with some breaks in between.

Looking back on your experience, what did you learn about yourself?

Focus on kicking ass in a sport I love rather than losing the perfect number of pounds makes all the difference.

Lori Arellano is a Freelance Writer and Certified eMarketer.
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