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Living on the Veg with Sheri Vettel

livin on the vegThis week we are talking about the importance and excitement of vegetables! My guest learned to love her veggies in school and is spreading the love beyond her job as a dietitian through her creative t shirt design business. From kids to adults, the fun is in the fashion as well as on the plate.

She also donates $1 from every shirt purchased to the Partnership Pantry to address hunger and access to nutritious food in her community.
This is show is a great reminder to folks who have the itch to delve into their creative outlet and want to get started in putting it out there. We’re talking about what it’s like to have a creative idea and not know exactly where to start, but knowing that you can’t wait for the perfect timing just to get startliving veg teeed. Sometimes you have to just jump in and make it happen. 

Sheri Vettel is a nutritionist who is inspiring kids and families to eat healthier with her quirkyand funky Living on the Veg Tees. Listen to how she got her business idea started and where you can find these cute designs that are sure to inspire you and yours to eat more veggies.

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Where to Find Sheri Online:




Books Mentioned:

Big Magic

Motivation Manifesto

What to Make this Week:

Time to make your yard look good for spring!  We’ve planted grass and moved some greenery around for the spring to spruce up the backyard. It’s made quite a difference! What will you commit to sprucing up around your place this week?


What did you think of Sherri and her artisan outlet? Could you get your creative idea started even if you had little ones and a full time job? What ideas are lingering in your idea vault?


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