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Investing in the Health of Your Community with Dr. Maggie Ashworth

13043557_10104291693109463_8786326276473811502_nMany artisans are multitalented and choose to cultivate creative expression throughout their lives. Some are driven to cultivate and enrich their community such as my guest this week, Dr. Maggie Ashworth. Investing yourself into your community is one of those attributes that can make everyone feel good. We all end up investing in ourselves in the end. We take greater care of our surrounding and look out for one another and ultimately our health improves as a result.

Before we get on to the interview I wanted to mention an important update as to the status of the Artisan Life book that I’m writing. With the help of some excellent council, I’ve decided to take a bit more time to develop the book further, to invest in my craft, if you will. So instead of being ready this spring, I’m allowing myself to take the summer to work on it, enhance the quality and make it a great read , striving to have it ready by fall. It was a difficult decision, as I just love getting things wrapped up and done, but I was starting to feel the pressure of deadline and several projects coinciding, so this seemed like the best way. I don’t want to be tied to a computer screen while in Colorado this summer working on the homestead. Can you blame me? And this will allow me more time for promotional events as well.
So this week I’ve got a great show for you about building community and investing in our health: Dr. Maggie Ashworth will tell us about her adventures in building a business, and building up her community in her hometown of Danville, Virginia.

Listen to our conversation below The Artisan Life Episode 19:

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Find Dr. Maggie online:


Hot Asana Yoga


How Amazing is Dr. Maggie? Talk about going the extra mile to invest in your community. Not only is her business there, but her family, her community, and what she sees as her future. She feels actively involved in forming it and it’s so important. We all need to feel like we belong and have ownership in our communities. I’m sure the payoff is improved wellness for all involved.

What have you done that gets you invested in your community? What have you seen change as a result of community improvement?


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