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How to Build a Successful Business in NYC using Artisanal Concepts

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I’ve listened to a fair share of entrepreneurial and successful business podcasts and am always intrigued by how people find creative ways to make their business a success. Different formulas work for different people and business genres. However, I know there are key elements that are essential for any business to succeed.

Today I talk with Kyle Radzyminski, a bar owner in Queens New York. Without any formal business experience or training, he has been proven that he has what it takes to survive the sink or swim small business landscape in New York City.

We discuss the idea of applying “artisanal concepts” to running a business and how that can create an edge in such a highly competitive industry. Listen up to hear how Kyle has struck gold more than once in his venture as a bar owner in New York and is creating an artisan business.

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Show Notes:

Find Kyle online here:


The Web:

What is Amy Making:


Organic Deodorant Bars

These are my best sellers on Etsy and are remarkably effective as an all natural alternative to commercial deodorant.


Maker’s Challenge:

Make something using your Kitchen Mixer- full size or mini mixer. Choose your own project this time.

Listen to the show below:

What are your takeaways from Kyle’s story?


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