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Happy Loser: Susan Morgan’s Weight Loss Success Story

Susan-MorganOur featured loser this week is Susan Morgan. She talks about her unique experience and how she used Emotional Freedom Technique to clear her from her pattern of repeating weight gain.

Have you ever tried to lose weight before?

I have been on every diet under the sun. I was permanently on a diet for 40 years.  If I lost weight, I would regain it with more.
Why do you think you gained the weight initially? What were some of the factors you feel contributed to it?

I come from a family where we all had major weight issues.  My mother equated love with food and so did we.  We cleaned our plates like good children. I was slim when in the army and as a police officer. I loved the work and had a lot of exercise.  But I still felt fat so didn’t benefit.

How do you think your emotions played a part in your weight story?

Food was love, I had to clean my plate, if I felt happy I ate, if I felt sad I ate, if I was bored, lonely, tired I ate.  If I had something to celebrate, I ate.  I lived with a secret alcoholic for 30 years and my confidence was eroded to nothingness.  Everything was my fault.  I was never good enough.  All his problems were down to me.  And I believed all his BS.  So I ate for comfort or starved myself.  I never ate massive amounts of food but due to the constant yo yo dieting, my metabolism has slowed down.

When did you notice you were losing weight? What else was changing in your life?

I found out my husband was having an affair.  I was devastated but kicked him out. Over the last 10 years of the marriage I had been dismantled psychologically to the point I was considering suicide as a way to end the misery.  My children were both grown up and he had convinced me I was worthless, useless, fat and ugly and a burden to him.  I had asked for a divorce but he refused. I am a Catholic so believed I was stuck.

After he left, I had a period of being practically catatonic.  By some miracle, I discovered EFT and began tapping on the points.  The weight fell off so quickly I had loose skin everywhere, particularly on my face upper thighs and backs of my legs.  It was truly disgusting.  Even though I was faced with the complete destruction of my life, the tapping stopped the production of stress hormones.  I was sad, grief stricken and had low self esteem, but the weight kept coming off even though I was eating more than I had for years.

Were there any other intentional behaviors or habits that you felt helped you with losing weight?

Mainly, just the tapping. But I also I did some breathing techniques, which I later found out enhanced the weight loss process.

Were there any “bad habits” you needed to break? How did you change your behavior?

I ate what I wanted, when I wanted.  My daughter came home to live for six weeks and I cooked us delicious meals.  I have to stress that the pain of being cheated on is so great that you could only understand it if you experienced it.  Also, the alcoholism was awful. Plus worry about money.  I vividly remember wondering how I could have got to that place.  Back to the weight loss, I was eating what I wanted and tapping all the time.

Are you satisfied with your current weight? How long have you maintained your weight loss?

I maintained my weight for 3 years without thinking about it.  Over the Christmas period I regained about 7 pounds.  I don’t weigh myself.  So I am now paying attention to what I eat and concentrate on nutrition.  It came back because I was supposed to receive funding for my cortisol sensor before Christmas, but it didn’t come through.  I confess I got really stressed and I watched the weight pile on.  As soon as I got the funding, it began coming off again. Probably because I increased my tapping.  Oh yes, I had flu, which lasted weeks and weeks, and I didn’t tap. I have learned my lesson now.

Looking back on your experience, what did you learn about yourself?

I have learned that I am strong.  When everything in my life was swept away, I found myself. I found a wonderful teacher on line, Melanie Tonia Evans, who helps women overcome living with a narcissist and that helped me understand why all this happened to me.  And I found tapping.  By the way, facial exercises took care of the loose skin on my face and I bought Carole Maggio’s CD on ‘non lipo lipo’ and that took care of the loose Skin on my legs.  Best thirty dollars I have ever spent!

Honestly, I am grateful for the experience.  I am humbled by the incredible women who have busted through their own pain barriers to offer the help I needed.  I am doing the same now. Some women lose weight when they are stressed. Most of us pile it on. I suffered for forty years feeling fat, ugly and worthless. I want to help women not to feel the way I did for as long as I did. There really is no need to continue to suffer in pain.

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