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For the Love of Paper with Marianne Kelsey

old booksHow do you know if you’re an artisan? You might care about certain things like being creative, working with your hands, supporting your local economy and taking a slower pace in your day to day life so you can savor up all the goodness.  

Artisans care about living fully alive. They would rather work hard and take the road less traveled, if it means they get to do the craft they love. Artisans come in all forms. Some are artistic, some create sustainable homesteads, some produce delectable food and some make admirable hand-crafts. Some artisans are multitalented and choose to cultivate creative expression in many areas of their lives. Whatever the craft may be, an artisan has a difficult time compromising on values. Their life is a labor of love, and it’s lived that way on purpose. They couldn’t be  happier any other way.

This week my guest is a perfect example of such an artisan who dedicated her life to the creative, hands-on trades. You’ll get to meet Marianne Kelsey, who has a very obscure job working with very special objects. She is a classic ‘old world artisan” in that she works with traditional materials and preserves a piece of history one artifact at a time. It all started when she fell in love… with paper. Listen to her story in one of the links below:

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marianneShow Notes


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Connect with your Artisan Side this week:

My artisan challenge to you is to pick up a pen and do some writing. Doesn’t have to be a book. It can be a letter or a simple list. But I do believe there is a connection between writing and creativity and by getting some ideas on paper (or a screen, if you like to go that route) and you never know what direction that could lead you. You might have your next big brainstorm! The important thing is to take 20 minutes and sit and write.


Has there ever been an activity that you fell in love with at a young age that you’ve either pursued into adulthood or wished you could get back to?

What was the most fun art class you’ve taken? Which ones are on your to-do list?

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