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Finding Life’s Sweet Spot with Allison Royal of Wallflour Bakery

nirvana barThis week we discuss finding the sweet spot in life. It’s that tricky place between too little and too much. I seem to swing between the two extremes more than I manage to stay balanced in between. Sometimes, though, when I pay attention, I can stay and appreciate the sweet spot for more than a fleeting moment. Right now, I feel like I’m noticing the “too much” perspective. The weather went from excessively rainy to “overly hot and humid for several days in a row. My sweet tooth is raging out of control (thank goodness for dark chocolate) and I’ve been putting myself in a state of overwhelm by attempting to clear out the deepest regions of clutter and storage in my house. It’s time to get rid of stuff I haven’t even looked at in 6 years. Needless to say, I’m ready to calm things down and treat myself with something special.

So,  My guest this week is Allison Royal of the Wallflour bakery. Her specialty is creating the high quality desserts and baked goods that also happen to be gluten free and vegan.  Her story of how she came to starting her own business is sure to be inspiring. She listened to the “call” and felt herself drawn in by the energy and curiosity of her interests and eventually came into a flow, where things just start working out  and success followed.

For Allison, it just so happens that she specializes in making sweet treats, but she’s never been happier. She had to listen to herself. She had to take care of herself first, before she c
ould go and put her best work out there. With just 3 years in business, she is now regarded as a premier gluten free and vegan baking company with over 8 retail locations and many loyal fans. Listen to our chat this week to hear how she navigated the ups and downs of her journey and why she regards it as one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Listen to the details of her journey and lessons learned in our chat through one of the links below:

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Show Notes

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Resources Mentioned:

In Defense of Food



Didn’t you just love Allison? She followed her heart and addressed her health and found herself creating this amazing niche as a specialty baker. Even her tagline is “Made with Love”. You can tell she really cares about high quality products, she exudes integrity and connecting with people and serving her community.


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