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Ever Had a Wish Come True? Use My Magic Formula For Making It Happen Again and Again

Have you ever experienced that magical moment in life when you realized that a wish you made actually came true? Did it surprise you? Or was it a dream in the making? I’m not talking about something deliberate that you’ve been working on, but one of those instances that gave you hope in life that small miracles happen, and they can  happen to you!
You see, there are big goals that you can accomplish and you own those. But when a wish comes true, it’s extra special because it started out in your mind as a “maybe,” a stretch that you may not have thought was possible or practical, but it came to you anyway. I’ve been lucky in this  wish-granting, but I truly think there is more to it than just closing your eyes. Let me tell you about a few examples:

Wish #1

IMG_4921I like to think of myself as a person who has seen many wishes come true. When I was a kid, I split the wishbone with my sister and hope hope hope that I would receive a huge treasure chest full of bubble gum. Hey, I was a kid. To me, that was a big dream of riches (and it might explain my gum habit as an adult!) But I never saw that treasure chest appear in my room. I knew it was kind of silly, anyway. It’s not like a genie would come and deliver it to me. But fast forward 10 years. I was in college and working part time… at a candy store! I was surrounded by walls of candy, and it dawned on me. I looked up one day at work and saw the gigantic bin of bubble gum and thought “looks like I got my wish after all.”  Ok, so that was small potatoes. You might think of it as a coincidence. But wait, there’s more.

Wish #2

Let’s move on to grown up dreams. After college, I found a new direction that fascinated me. It was called Life Coaching. I had read an article and soon signed up for a program to train me to become a Life Coach. The only problem was that I wasn’t quite ready to become an entrepreneur. Everyone in the program was much older than me and working on this as a second career. I felt silly as a 23 year old trying to Life Coach others, when I was so young myself. I decided to refocus on following the nutrition path, and enrolled in a dietetic internship. As I was finishing my dietitian’s program and looking for my first job. I had always dreamed of “working in wellness.” I wanted to work in a wellness center, whatever that meant. I knew I didn’t want to work in a hospital, but those were the only job postings I ever saw. I wanted help people lose weight, teach classes and develop programs. Well, my first job as a dietitian turned out to be working in the produce department at Whole Foods Market. Not exactly what I envisioned. But fast forward 6 months. My roommate just let me know that the dietitian she was working with was leaving her job and there was an opening. I was thrilled right away to have an opportunity to work as Registered Dietitian and not as an apple shiner. But the best part was that the job was exactly what I had been dreaming of. And the position was never publicly posted. It was in the Wellness Center of a hospital (but not in the hospital) and I would be doing consulting, leading weight loss programs and doing my own cooking classes! I interviewed and landed the job.

Wish #3

Okay, one more for good measure. I ended up changing jobs later on, and did end up working in a hospital clinic. No surprise, I got tired of counseling sick patients and had the idea that I wanted to be a “corporate dietitian.” I wanted to work for a big company to teach employees how to improve their health through food. I was constantly scanning the job sites for “wellness dietitian” and “corporate dietitian” and one day noticed a posting for a “Dietitian Health Coach.” I stopped to read closely. It was the combination of 2 dreams coming true at once. It was a position working at American Express and they were looking for a dietitian who had life coach training! Needless to say, I got the job. Were these just career goals? Not wishes? Let me give you one last wish.

Wish #4

I had just read a book called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting! It’s very similar to The Secret, in that it provides guidelines of how to manifest your dreams. I was going for something more materialistic this time. I wanted a new car. According to the book, you act like you already own the car. You imagine the color, the feel of it, the smell. You keep driving your old car, but imagine yourself already having it. The important piece is to magnify the physical feeling of what already having this item is like. Well, you’ve probably heard of the red car phenomenon, when you start to see your dream car everywhere you look- now that you’ve declared your wish to the universe. I started to count the Mini Coopers as I drove around town. I loved the metallic looking ones the best. But that year, I was in a savings pattern. I wasn’t in the position to buy a car. It was a future goal, I decided. I didn’t forget my fantastic daydreams of driving that car though! One year later, however, my husband had come up with the idea on his own to surprise me with a new car. He was more worried about me having a reliable vehicle to commute to work with. It’s true that we shopped together and passed up some good deals, but in the end, I ended up with a champagne silver Mini Cooper S with red leather interior and premium sound system. As I sat behind the wheel, it was exactly the experience I was imagining when I first wished for a new car. I thought “this wish came true.” And it happened much sooner than I expected.

Is it a Wish or A Goal?

Many people may read this and think all I’ve really done here is envisioned a goal and set it into motion. I would argue that achieving a personal goal is different for a few reasons. It’s true that you design or think up what you want to have, but you also come up with an action plan to get there. The process is quite deliberate and very much involves your active participation. Sure, there are resources outside of yourself that may be utilized in achieving your goal, but for the most part, creating a vision and achieving a goal is dependent on how much you are actively involved. Typically, the more you work towards your goals, the faster you achieve them. The entire process can be a personally rewarding endeavor. On the other hand, a wish stems from desire coming from deep within your heart. There is an earnestness to it. It has elements of hope and tenderness because part of making a wish involves a call for assistance. By making a wish, you are acknowledging that there is an aspect to getting what you want that is out of your hands. You may continue to head in the direction of your dream and continue to hope, but for your wish to come true, you’ve given up control over the outcome. That is where the magic works.

So What is the Magic Formula?

  1. Become clear on your hearts desire. What do you really want deep down? Ignore what you think you should have or what would be best to have. But what is calling you? What makes you giggle with anticipation? What makes you almost too nervous to ask for?
  2. Envision what your life would be like with this new wish. Feel in your bones how it would be to have this wish granted. Imagine all the details as often as you’d like. The more real you can make this day dream the better. Additional techniques include creating a dream board with physical pictures and collage words to help solidify the vision.
  3. Set it free. Part of the wishing process is the relinquishment of control. Once you have declared your wish and become excited about it. Let the manifestation power of the universe take over. Remember, letting go of control of the when and the how the dream comes about is the beauty of the magic!

* * * * * * Happy Wishing!!! * * * * *

Leave a comment below to tell about a wish you had that came true. Did you use a specific technique? A wishbone, a star or birthday candle?

2 Comments on Ever Had a Wish Come True? Use My Magic Formula For Making It Happen Again and Again

  1. Kristi
    May 9, 2013 at 8:05 pm (5 years ago)

    Was it me you were talking about with the wishbone?? hee hee!! I enjoyed this post… I’m going to give it a shot…well, I’m already working on #1 and #2, but it’s the giving up control thing that is hard for me.

    • beehappylife
      May 9, 2013 at 8:43 pm (5 years ago)

      Haha! Secret’s out! I guess it’s okay if you know my wish now. I’ve got tons of other examples, but I swear by the dream board. Got one in the living room now!


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