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Embracing “Round Two” of Life: Solitude & Serenity in the Ozarks with Jody Kay

These days, Jody refers to her life as “Round Two.” Her kids have grown, her parents have passed and her life is more focused on her instead of taking care of others, as was the case for many years prior to now. So she was ready to shift and create a life around what she wanted for herself. She prefers a simple, hands-on lifestyle filled with tasks that provide meaning and satisfaction after completing them. This desire, plus some inheritance money, made it possible for her to pursue this dream of purchasing her own land, building her own home and living debt-free in the woods of the Ozarks in Missouri. She spends her days knitting, sewing, cultivating wild foods, gardening, and helping others to support her way of life.

Some might consider her way of life “extreme” as she lives without running water or electricity and prefers to heat her home with a wood stove. Jody tells us about the joys of labor, how engaging in the simplest of tasks give her meaning and satisfaction on a daily basis. She sees life as a patchwork, with holes to fill, and she is doing her part weaving together beauty, love, community and nature into a magnificent masterpiece she can’t wait to witness.

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I was fascinated with the drive that Jody has for creating her own life on her terms. It’s always so inspirational to see people “not waiting until retirement to live the life you love.” What great advice. I hope Jody’s story is fuel for you to go after your artisan lifestyle. You don’t need to have it all together to make the leap, but a good plan, key resources and a community you can rely on will definitely help!


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