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Eco-Conscious Jewelry Artisan Angela Zancanaro Lives Her Dream in Mexico

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Sometimes I wonder what it must be like to have that relaxed, go with the flow, fearless artist’s spirit. You know what I”m talking about? I bet you have a friend or know someone who has never been conflicted about following their dreams. They just seem to effortlessly know exactly what they want to do (making art for a living) and they somehow figure out how to support themselves, spending their days whipping up amazing designs and living the easy life? My guest today is that person. I’ve been an admirer of her instagram posts for awhile. She creates these amazing nature inspired artisan crafted metal forged jewelry pieces.  Then I notice she is living on the beach in Mexico. So of course,I had to talk to her and find out more. I hope you enjoy our chat.

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Show Notes

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So how amazing is Angela? Once you take a peek at her work, you will be blown away. And is it just me, or is anyone else a tinge envious of her easy beach lifestyle in Mexico. I’m just in awe of her bravery to take the leap to make it happen now rather than wait until some other “socially acceptable time to see and experience the world later in life. Kudos to her and her beautiful designs that make a statement about her passion to preserve the natural world.
You can find Angela online in the links in the show notes on my website “” Just click the podcast tab. You can also find more tips to live a healthy and happy lifestyle there as well. If you are digging the podcast, you can become a subscriber on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. I’d love to hear your opinion in a rating or review as well. That wraps up the show for this week. Join us next time for another inspiring artisan story. In the meantime, I wish you the energy, inspiration and abundant time and opportunity to get involved in a project that sparks your joy!


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