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DIY Tiny Cabin Living with Kelley Lewis

kelley lewis & kidsWhat is it like to build a life for yourself by hand? My guest this week has taken a literal approach to this idea, by overcoming a personal setback by deciding to build a tiny cabin while gathering knowledge and skills along the way. What does it take to be successful at an endeavor like this? We talk resourcefulness, resilience and perspective. Basically it’s the positive mindset coupled with a willingness to do the work along with believing in yourself. I love this kind of stuff. As humans, we are capable of so much, but we seem to limit ourselves for so many reasons. “I don’t know how,” or “Ive never done this before” or “I’m not creative enough” or fill in the blank. What I love about this conversation is that those perspectives were replaced with thoughts of “I want this new beginning” and “I can figure this out” and “I can ask for help.” Even, “I’m teaching my children how to be resourceful and hardworking.”

kelley lewis tiny cabinPlus talking about building houses is certainly on my horizon these days. This week in the Hager household we are working on collecting Pinterest ideas for home design elements. What types of shelves and storage and lighting elements we are attracted to. I’ve not been making anything in particular that is related to the home, but I did make a batch of sauerkraut this week. Ok, maybe I was inspired by our guest last week, Jessica Beacom and all of her delicious sounding ferments she has going on. But in reality, it so happened that I realized that I had purchased a second head of cabbage when I realized I hadn’t used up my previous head. So I thought, hey, no better reason than to chop it up and put it to good use as a naturally fermented sauerkraut. I think with the other head of cabbage, I’ll use it up in a nice coconut curry dish tonight for dinner. I’ll write down the recipe and put it on my website, if you want to go take a look.

For you listeners, I’ll challenge you to make a home improvement project come to life. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to involved tons of power tools. Maybe it’s touching up the paint on the windows and trim or fixing that crack around the baseboards, or potting some plants if that’s more your speed. But take a look around and identify a home improvement project that you’d like to see get done this week. If it means you need to watch a Youtube video to figure it out, hey, I support that. Make it as challenging as you’d like, but see if you can get it checked off your list and notice how satisfying it can feel to know you did it yourself.
Next up, listen to my conversation with Kelley Lewis, the single mother of three who took it upon herself to learn the skills needed to build a cabin of her own.


Show Notes:

Kelley’s Website The Cabin Chick

Kelly on Facebook

Tumbleweed Houses

What to Make this Week:

I’ve been making more sauerkraut in the kitchen, inspired by Jessica, my guest last week in the show.

Maker’s Challenge: What type of home improvement project can you make come to life? Did Kelley inspire you to pick up some hammer & nails? Which item on your to-do list will get you some much needed satisfaction?

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What did you think of Kelley’s story? Do you think you’d be able to pull of a project like building a cabin with three children in tow?

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