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Courage to be Authentic and Live your Bliss

lavender bikes What’s it like to live your bliss? This picture taken by my friend Mariela Perez Simons speaks to me in a way that answers that question.  Life is beautiful, brimming with abundance, and there is also an ease to navigating it. Living blissfully is about allowing ourselves to be engaged with whatever makes us happy and following any curiosity that gets us excited to be alive.

This week, I talk with my good friend Mariela, who has made some major life shifts to produce a life of bliss. For her the process was all about becoming authentic with her true nature and giving herself permission to connect to the things that enlivened her and disconnect from the things that were draining her. This meant lots of deep soul searching, ending a business and starting life over. Facing this type of change can be frightening for many of us to even contemplate. Fear of the unknown, of what comes next, is the reason why so many of us stay in jobs we dislike, in relationships that are unhealthy and never take that leap of faith to see how we could be living life differently.

I hope Mariela’s story and words of encouragement are inspiring to you if you’re nervous about making a big change in your life. It’s never too late and you never know what surprises, rewards and miracles are on the other side of the leap!

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Show Notes:

Find Mariela Perez Simons online:

Instagram: @MarielaAnanda

Youtube: Mariela Perez Simons

Facebook: Live Your Bliss


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Women Who Run with the Wolves

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Have you ever had a moment in your life where you made a big leap of faith in the name of living true to yourself? Was it worth it? Leave a comment below.

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