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Connecting to our Inner and Outer Beauty with Molly Liebel

Do youmolly hair cultivate beauty in your life? I have friends that come to mind right away who are very skilled at this. They enjoy putting different looks together, enjoy decorating and all the details that can be added to food preparation, party planning and home design. I’m not such a detailed focused person, so I leave off lots of the finishing touches to things that can add beauty to an experience. But I do enjoy appreciating beauty in the moment, in small things, like new flowers in bloom or appreciating someone’s photography. I enjoy how appreciating beauty can cultivate positive feelings of awe and inspiration.

So how can we cultivate beauty this week? I’m going to be heading off to Colorado so, I will be curating snapshots and mementos of our trip. Im going to appreciate our new land, our future homestead and take in all the trees and hillsides and earth moving that we are about to embark on. I’ll suggest your maker’s challenge to find a way to cultivate beauty on your terms this week and see how that action can make your day by boosting your positivity.

Next up, my guest Molly Liebel, is an artisan of beauty. She spends her days immersed in hair design, from color to cuts to styles, she is constantly engaging her creativity and finding flow in her work. She’s also a certified yoga teacher and finds great satisfaction in connecting people with their inner beauty as well. Listen to her story of how she creates days filled with purpose and meaning and what her impact on her community has been.

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Show Notes

molly outdoorsFind Molly Online:

Chakras Spa

Free Spirits Yoga

Artisan Challenge of the Week:

Find a way to cultivate beauty in your life! Photos? Nature? Decorating? You decide!


How sweet was Molly? What do you think you could do to help others feel good about themselves? Have you ever had your hair done or taken a yoga class and felt completely transformed after the experience? It’s funny what we justify is worthy of our time and money, but what’s the value of positive transformation? Priceless!

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