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Amy Hager


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Certified Diabetes Educator Certified Wellness Coach Backyard Beekeeper

Living the Dream

Imagine the day you wake up well rested without an alarm clock. You have time to savor a delicious breakfast and savor a few moments to contemplate your perfect day. You are already putting on your shoes to enjoy a morning walk outside ready to get inspired by the great outdoors. You have plenty of time on your side now that you’ve left your 9 to 5 job and have transitioned to a more flexible schedule. You are thrilled to be getting back to the hobbies you love. You’re able to support your family by cooking nourishing meals and even grow a lot of vegetables yourself. Your previous hectic and stressful life has been left behind because you now prefer to follow your desires and build a life based on what you value.

Imagine not waking up from this dream…instead, imagine that it can become your new life…

I know, it might sound out of reach or like a life that belongs in the movies, but I do know that it’s possible to intentionally craft a lifestyle that makes you happy. I know this is absolutely possible because it happened to me. And I can show you how to do the same.

We are the Music Makers, We are the Dreamers of Dreams

Sometimes people think because I’m a nutritionist that my job is to simply tell you what to eat while I easily follow a perfect diet. Not true. It goes a little deeper than that. My philosophy is that food is fuel and the right kind will nourish you, laying the foundation for a healthy body and happy mind.  I’ve made a living helping others with their food, but the fascinating piece was discovering what actually got people to make and sustain change in their lives. This has less to do with the “right diet” and everything to do with finding happiness and being relentless about pursuing it.

I knew that in order to have the guts and the gumpshun’ to follow my dreams, I would have to take care of myself first. I practiced what I preached, ate well and exercised and even got into marathons and long distance cycling. My energy was up and my spirit thrived and that gave me the capacity to design and deliver my dreams, which includes having time for hobbies.

For me, beekeeping was a hobby that allowed me to connect to many things that made me happy: being in harmony with nature, getting crafty with honey and beeswax, making bee jewelry and connecting to the local community.

I fully believe in the power of vision boards (on my third one now) and the support of like-minded community to help you along the path of living the happy life, because that’s what got me here. I took some risks, I spent some money and made some major decisions that resulted in me creating my own nutrition business, and a side business based on my craft hobbies. I work less and get paid more and I couldn’t be happier. I have time for the important things in my life, like getting a puppy, taking art classes and spending time with my kids in the summer.

Are you ready to pursue your path to healthy and happy ever after?

Come with me, I know where the path starts and a few shortcuts …let me show you the way.
In the Media

I was featured guest on Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends! podcast. I discussed whether organic food is worth the cost along with our host Dietitian Cassie and special guest licensed nutritionist and health coach Amy Ranae.  To listen to this podcast for free click here.

I was a featured guest on Team Nutrition Genius podcast with Laura Ligos and Marie Bieber. I discussed my book “Nutritionist in Private Practice” and gave tips on getting started in a nutrition business. To listen to this podcast for free click here.

I was interviewed on the radio on the topic of “Lifecrafting” on the Healthy Kids Corner show, with host Kathryn Gulay. Listen to it here.

I was featured in an article by Value Penguin on the topic of Dietetics as a career. If you’ve thought about nutrition as a career path, definitely read up on what several dietitians have to say on the topic. Read up on it here.


Work Experience and Other Endeavors:
  • Dietitian and Owner of Bee Happy Life January 2014- current
  • Dietitian & Diabetes Education Facilitator: Midtown Pharmacy (February 2014- Current)
  • Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach, Comprehensive Health Services, serving American Express (Sept. 2009-March 2011) & HanesBrands,Inc.(March 2011-January 2014)
  • Clinical Dietitian & Diabetes Education Program Coordinator, Enhanced Care Diabetes Program UNC Hospitals Chapel Hill (November 2005-September 2009)
  • HealthWorks Nutritionist: Wake Med Hospital (April 2005-October 2005)
  • HealthQuest Wellness Dietitian: Johnston Memorial Hospital (June 2004-October 2005)
  • Posters and Presentations
  • October 2007- ADA Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo
  • “The Integration and Evolution of the RD’s Role in an Outpatient Disease Management Program”
  • March 2008- North Carolina Dietetic Association Annual meeting
  • “The Integration and Evolution of the RD’s Role in an Outpatient Disease Management Program”
  • May 2008- Charlotte, NC Area Health Education Program “Diabetes Care Updates”